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Friday, June 11, 2010

Two Forgotten Friday Favorites

I'm starting a new recurring feature on Go Retro: Two Forgotten Friday Favorites. Every Friday, I'll choose two songs that never seem to get played on the radio anymore. They may be lesser known hits from a well-known artist, or two songs from a performer who is long forgotten.

The reason for these posts is because I've noticed oldies radio stations becoming more and more insular. It seems they just concentrate on post-Beatles music and only then the very top hits of a musician. There are so many great songs I used to hear played on the radio and I'm amazed at how narrow the playlists are becoming. Recently I requested to hear Neil Diamond's Yesterday Songs for a favorite oldies station's request hour, and was told that the station manager didn't have that song in the station playlist. What gives? Maybe it wasn't a major hit, but I'm pretty sure it at least charted. Yeah, I realize I could probably hear a lot more stuff by subscribing to Sirius or XM radio but I don't want to pay for it. Radio should be free.

So without further delay, today's Forgotten Friday Favorites are by Elton John. I always hear his slower tempo, piano based ballads - Your Song, Tiny Dancer, Candle in the Wind, etc. on the radio. Nothing wrong with that, but it's his livelier hits, particularly from the 80s that I love so much. Here are two I haven't heard in eons, Who Wears These Shoes and I'm Still Standing (the ultimate screw you song!) The videos are also 80s awesomeness at their best. If you're a fan of Dancing With the Stars, keep your eyes peeled for judge Bruno Tonioli in the I'm Still Standing video.


  1. Can't say I remember the first one...second yes. But Elton's "In Neon" is my favorite of that era...

  2. Great idea!!!! I am always a fan of the more obscure hits.The stuff that gets overplayed on the radio is so lame!

  3. Definitely know the second one - and play it often on my iPod, but I can't say I remember the first one!

  4. I was just thinking about how tired I am of hearing the same songs and wishing that they'd play other hits by artists. When I listen to Saturday Night 70's I sometimes hear songs that I'm not familiar with by artists that I like and am glad that this station plays them. I wish they'd play a wider variety on the Saturday Night 80's on my other station - I don't listen to that much anymore because it gets boring because of this.

  5. "That's Why They Call It The Blues" Love the harmonica in that song and wish more pop artists would use it. Did that statement just make me a total dork?

  6. Anonymous - you're not a dork. I miss hearing harmonicas (and saxophones!) in modern music. And That's Why They Call It The Blues is another favorite Elton tune of mine.

  7. If I hear "More than a Feeling" one more time I'm going to vomit. Would it kill these radio stations to branch out a little? I mean, it's better than Nickelback.... but, then, anything is better than Nickelback.


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