Friday, September 03, 2010

Two Forgotten Friday Favorites: Captain & Tennille

I cannot lie about it - I love Captain & Tennille! Even though they recorded one of the most awful pop songs ever (Muskrat Love - which remarkably reached #4 on the U.S. music charts), the pluses about this duo far outweigh the negatives. First of all, they were/are as cute as a button could get - I wonder how many women of the 70s longed for Toni Tennille's Dorothy Hamill bowl haircut? Second, they make a great retro couple costume for Halloween. Thirdly, they actually hosted (as many stars of the 70s did) their own variety show for a couple of seasons in the mid-70s. Fourthly, they've been married for 36 years (and they got married on Valentine's Day, 1974) - how many other famous couples from the 70s can say the same? Fifthly (is that a word?) they made great music! Sixthly, I remember they sang Love Will Keep Us Together with Big Bird on one of their TV shows. So enough rambling, here's the "Captain" Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille with two of my favorites, Love Will Keep Us Together (as much as I find Neil Sedaka annoying I have to thank him for this song) and Do That To Me One More Time - still one of the sexiest songs ever written.


  1. I am blushing just watching her sing that to him. How I remember these two. Just hearing the song brought me right back to my high school days in the 1970's. Thanks.

  2. I remember it wasn't really cool to love C&T or at least admit out loud that you liked them. Those were in the days of incense and other smelly smoke billowing in the room, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, being ever so cool in your baggy jeans and tie dye top but...everyone secretly knew all the words and sang along with C&T when no one was looking. I did a 20 year anniversary cd for my husband and we listened to it all the way to the coast. I was pleased that he too knew all the words and was singing right along. Great post. Thanks

  3. LOVED the Captain & Tennille! "Love will keep us together" is an oldie but a goldie! Thanks for the flashback!

  4. I agree with Midcenturymadam about how everyone was trying to keep on the down-low about C&T back in the 70s, although they all loved them. I am pretty sure my older brothers and sisters had copies of their records amongst the edgier stuff!

    I remember Tenille most for this episode of Fantasy Island where she is this famous singer who wants to meet the man who has written all of her hits. Turns out he lives on Fantasy Island but is cursed to be half man/half dog! No joke. Anyway, she *thinks* she's in love with him until she meets him and is then understandably upset. She tells him she can't return his affections and he runs off into the forest to die of a broken heart. Tenille decides she can love the hairy beast and that breaks the curse. Then he turns into the hottness known as Monte Markham! It's one of my favorite episodes of the show. She's pretty good in it too!

  5. These are 2 good songs. They'd be on my guilty pleasures of music list. I had that Dorothy Hamill haircut a few times.


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