Saturday, September 17, 2011

American Pickers in High School

I don't know what's sadder, the fact that this photo is from a 1979 high school yearbook being sold on eBay, or that I'm home on a Saturday night, found it, and absolutely had to share it. Anyways, for my fellow American Pickers fans, this is indeed Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz from their high school days--would you look at that hair on Frank? Who knew? He actually could qualify for Go Retro's Retro Hottie of the Month! Mike is awfully cute with that Beatles/bowl cut. The guys were in their freshmen year here. Looking good, fellas!


  1. I'm in shock, that's my boy Frank?! Wow, thanks for sharing Pam!

  2. I would have never recognized them in those pics!

  3. There's a clip on the History channel website where the guys talk about what they like/don't like about the other one. Mike was saying he loves how Frank ALWAYS has food on him..."a walking vending machine"...ding dongs, Ho-Hos, peanut butter cups, Charlston Chews, etc. Um, no surprise there but kind of a shame after seeing the yearbook photo.

  4. It was funny seeing these photos. Old photos of stars are always cool - thanks for posting them. I probably will be watching them tonight. I've been falling asleep early these days and missing episodes. Sometimes I remember to tape them. I've gotten into Pawn Stars too. I'm glad that you got me into Pickers because I've given up on a few of my other shows like Bones and Supernatural which don't seem to interest me as much as these 2 History Channel shows do anymore.


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