Happy Retro Holidays

Monday, November 12, 2007
Images courtesy fabulousstationary.com.

Down with cheesy holiday cards that feature Santa Claus hat wearing puppy dogs and wide eyed cherubs waiting for Saint Nick! Tell the folks at Hallmark to shelve the glitter paint and sappy sentiments. If you're like me, you like your annual holiday greeting to be a little more trendy. You like abstract (yes, that triangle is a tree - what's wrong with your eyes?) You like retro. You've come to the right blog posting. I just discovered the site fabulousstationary.com and their lineup of personalized holiday cards. There's one problem: they're not exactly...well, cheap (unless you think being set back $45 for 25 cards is a bargain) but hey, there's no one stopping you from using the inspiration to whip up your own designs in Adobe Illustrator.

Just as fun are MOMA's annual holiday card lineup. Their coolness factor gives these cards the greatest chance of not being tossed out after the holidays have ended and are available through the MOMA site and in certain stores, including Papyrus. They average between $15.95 and $20.95 for a box of eight cards.

Last image courtesy MOMA.

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