Was It The Spring? No, It Was the Riding Crop!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Layla was about Pattie Boyd, Maggie May was about an older woman that Rod Stewart had a relationship with, and Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline was about...Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. Diamond recently revealed the muse for his famous song at Schlossberg's 50th birthday celebration last week. According to the Associated Press, Diamond confessed that he had seen a photo of young Caroline in a news magazine, dressed in her riding gear, and was inspired by the "innocent, wonderful" picture. Several years later he wrote the song in a Memphis hotel room.

I'm so thankful for that last part. Taken out of context, that admission sounds a bit like the makings of a child molester. I mean, the song does sing about "hands touching hands" and "warmth touching warmth." But we know Neil was better than that. And this was a more innocent time, after all.

Still, I don't need to know who Kentucky Woman was about...

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