Cained Heat

Thursday, October 09, 2008
What's this CD all about, Alfie? Apparently renowed British actor Sir Michael Caine is involved in the music business now, too. Earlier this year while promoting The Dark Knight on The View, he mentioned that he had a new CD out called Cained. I finally got around to looking it up and this is what had to say:

"In 2006, Cinematic Legend and Icon of '60s Cool Sir Michael Caine Surprised his Friend Elton John with his Expansive Knowledge of Music, in Particular, Chill-out Tracks. He Further Revealed a Penchant for Making his Own Compilations and Distributing them Among Friends. Word Spread and the Man Best Known for his Roles in Films Like "The Italian Job", "Alfie", "Get Carter", "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" and "The Ipress File" Presents his First Commercially Available Compilation of Favorite Tracks. "Much to My Surprise, and Probably Everybody Else’s, I Am Now in the Music Business." The Result is this Eclectic, Often Surprising Mix of Chill-out Classics of the Old Cafe Del Mar Style, Along with Selections of Jazz, World Music and Soul."

Who knew that Caine knew his way around two turntables and a microphone (and that he's really a ginger, judging by the album's cover.) Some of the songs include remixes and covers of Lay Lady Lay and Fields of Gold. Sounds interesting - too bad I can't listen to it, as it's available only in the UK and the site won't let you preview the tracks. will import it to American customers, but it's gonna cost you $46.98 (I think I'll pass in this current economic meltdown.)

Too bad - I would like to Get Cained!

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