Separated by a Past Life: Retro Couple of the Day

Thursday, October 02, 2008
Red hot redhead alert! When Daniel Craig took over the James Bond role a couple of years ago, there were many comparisons to Steve McQueen. But someone who I always thought more closely resembled the King of Cool is a British actor named Damian Lewis, who’s currently starring in the NBC drama “Life” and who had the lead role in the critically acclaimed HBO series “Band of Brothers” and the BBC’s “Forsyte Saga.” Lewis has said in interviews that he’s a Steve McQueen fan and if they ever made a biopic about the sexy 60s star that he would love to be considered for the part. I concur – they’d just need to tone down the carrot top a bit. See for yourself.


  1. oooh I saw band of brothers, we have the dvd series, a few years ago, you're right, he is pretty hot!

  2. daniel craig is NOT my idea of a good bond. but ill go see the quantum of silence anyways and be thinking always of my darling pierce brosnan.


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