Fiero Makes My Dreams Come True

Monday, June 29, 2009

I saw this print ad for sale on eBay and just thought it was neat enough to post, since I love Hall & Oates (click on image for larger version.) I also like the Pontiac Fiero. It was a sporty little two-seater that Pontiac manufactured in the mid-80s that looks like a Mini Me version of the Firebird at that time. The car is considered an antique now and must be registered as one. They're awfully cute but unfortunately the Fiero lived up to its name, as several of the cars had a problem and caught on fire.

I didn't realize that Hall & Oates promoted any products. Or actually, it sounds like they were part of a concert that Pontiac was promoting. Seems like they were gearing this one towards high school students...a little adult education, anyone?


  1. I love this ad - thanks for posting it. Hall & Oates are definitely one of my favourite music artists.

    My friend's sister had this kind of car. She borrowed it one day and we went down the shore in it.

  2. I bought one the very first year. My Fiero was red (only black and maybe white IIRC was available) with gray interior. The car had stereo speakers built into the headrests, and the sunroof and rear spoiler was very cool. It did have severe reliability and safety issues as you say, including the motor. The poor 4 cylinder engine was not too powerful so highway driving was kinda noisy and it was terrible in the snow! But I loved that car!

    -the stay-at-home-dad guy

  3. this advertisement is so phenomenal. Thanks for posting! Hall and Oates rules. When I was a kid in school I had a Fiero folder to keep all my work in that I bought at Drug Fair or Rite Aid - they were pretty hot cars for a little while.

  4. Glad you all liked it. I would love to have one of these cars now...just for summer fun.


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