Sam Malone's Dating Advice for Girls

Monday, June 29, 2009
I'm not sure where this clip originally aired, but it appears Ted Danson was called upon in the 80s to dispense dating advice to young ladies. Here he reads some common lines that guys use to talk women into having sex with them...from his own handy little black book???

BTW this video is also being posted on a pretty funny blog called Everything is Terrible. I recommend checking them out sometime - and their logo is very retro!


  1. That is too funny--geez, what happened to his hair?! He's not aging well at all but he is a good actor. ;)

  2. I have to respectfully disagree with forestina on Ted's aging. I think he's more handsome than ever. I adore him as an actor and watching this just proves how good he is. Just compare this to Becker or, even better, Something about Amelia where he plays a child molester (and he made it at the top of his fame on Cheers). He's fearless.

    Btw, I'd sleep with Sam Malone. There I said it!

    This was awesome. Thanks for posting.


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