World War Two Poster Collection

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
I just discovered this WW2 poster collection on Northwestern University's Library site, and I could spend all day looking through the vintage designs. There are over 300 posters in the collection, issued by U.S. government agencies from the beginning of the war until victory that were meant to remind the home front about the rationing of food, metal, and rubber to support our troops. Often created using bold colors and graphics and blunt messaging, here are just a small sampling of the ones that caught my eye. Have a look, and visit the site for many more.

*Use It Up/Wear it Out: One of my favorite old sayings...this one is very relevant to today's economic situation - but it looks very funny to see the guy bent over in that position while she mends his pants!

*Men Working Together: Nothing like manly men...

*Me Travel?: The original "Staycation"!

*Don't Travel: Another anti-travel poster. I like how the travelers are portrayed as being fat and rich.

*Grow Your Own: Victory Gardens became popular during the war, and was encouraged as a way to save money on food (which meant more could be provided for the troops.)

*Someone Talked!: There are a lot of posters that seem to indicate America was paranoid about idle talk being picked up by the enemy and used to kill soldiers before they even had a chance. "Someone talked!" is a common theme alongside an image of a dying or dead soldier.

*He's Watching You: Darth Vader???

*Be With Him on Every Call: V-Mail was heavily promoted as a way to send secure mail to the troops and keep their morale up.


  1. I really love posters like these, I printed some out on photo paper a while ago, framed them and they hang up in my kitchen, people comment on them all the time.

  2. So much history lays in the lines and hues of those unique and often beautiful posters - my favourite of which is definitely the mother and child canning together. Thank you for sharing them :)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I have the "He's Watching You" poster framed in my bathroom. LOVE IT!


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