Bad Cover Art: The Yuletide Edition, Part 3

Monday, December 14, 2009
Wow, just wow. More bizarre lumps of coal to enjoy...


  1. Wow, that's some seriously impressive covers you've found there!

    That first one is just... astonishing!

    Amazing fact about Mrs Mills: she used to share a studio with the Beatles!

  2. WoW... Where do you find this stuff???? The Harry Secombe album cover is just plain creepy. Can you say pedophile? You seriously crack me up.

  3. I know, these were doozies, huh? LOL.

    Lone Star Queen - the children *are* a *little* too close for comfort...mostly ours! That one came from a very funny site called I recommend wasting time there sometime; they have some wild stuff!

    The rest I found by just doing some keyword searches with the words Christmas and album. The scary stuff out there is pretty amazing!

    Richard - seriously? No way! As a huge Beatles fan, how did I miss that one? Are we sure we're not confusing her with another lady called Mrs. Miller? She was sort of the Tiny Tim of her time, except she actually thought she could sing.

  4. I don't know what to say. My creep factor is off the charts. Orgies, Pedophilia, I don't know what else. . . I can't believe they made this stuff!

  5. I thought the same thing when I looked at the Harry Secombe album. and the guy in the santa suit...please. I want the tree from the "This ain't no white Christmas" album.

  6. RetroGirl, it's definitely Mrs Mills. She was weirdly popular in Britain in the 1960s. I've no idea why and she's almost completely forgotten today, poor thing.

    Check out more about here here:

  7. Wow. These are all so bad that they are good. I love 'em. I really dig that first one. Great covers. Thanks for posting these. Cheers!

  8. I'm glad I've helped you discover Mrs Mills!

    The Harry Secombe one is interesting, too. He started out as a comedian on the radio in the 1950s in a show called The Goon Show. It was a hugely influential show that shaped the whole of British comedy afterwards. It's probably most famous now as being where Peter Sellers first became famous.

    Anyway, after he left the show, Harry Secombe became less and less funny and started singing more and more earnest songs.

    The album of his you have there looks like it comes from that rather boring phase of his career...

  9. OMG! More than one of those were made? WHYYYY? Although I do think I'd listen to Mickey just once.

  10. the first one is hilarious! im going to send it to people through facebook right now. thanks for posting this. and i dont know if i told you this, but im glad you liked the lipstick.

  11. That Rudy Ray Moore cover is wrong, but yet so right. When I saw the Mrs. Mills album, I at first thought it said Mrs. Miller or as I call her, "The William Hung of the 1960s".

    By the way, I found your blog via Richard@Bewildered Brit. I like what you said about preserving the pop culture of the past. It irks me when outlets such as VH-1 and E! act as if pop culture didn't exist before 1970.

  12. Richard - thanks for the back story on Harry Secombe. I've heard of The Goon Show. I've read that John Lennon (and all the Beatles, I think) were huge fans.

    Malcolm - welcome and thank you, glad you found my blog!

    dfunkt - thanks again for the lipstick, the shade is just perfect!

    And everybody else thanks for your comments as well! Maybe I can squeeze a fourth part to this series in before Christmas.

  13. You can definitely tell that John Lennon (and all the Beatles) were huge Goon Show fans. I was listening to the Beatles' '68 Christmas record the other day (it's on YouTube), and it's pure Goon Show.

    If you ever get the chance, it's well worth listening to, I love it! It's very very strange. Monty Python was also *very* heavily influenced by it.

  14. Rudy Ray Moore!! Now THAT's a cat I haven't thought of in YEARS!!


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