Tiny Tim's Not-So-Silent Rant

Thursday, December 10, 2009
When your name is Tiny Tim, it's inevitable that you're going to record a Christmas album. However, I'm willing to bet that most if not all of us have never heard a rendition of "Silent Night" that contains the words "fornication", "Jesus", and "hypocrites." Well, you're in for a treat. Skip ahead to 2:15 or thereabouts. This is from the 1993 album Tiny Tim's Christmas Album. God bless us everyone indeed!

If you like this one, I also recommend looking up "Santa Claus Has Got the AIDS This Year."


  1. Blimey, strong stuff from Tiny Tim!

  2. Wow, he is a long ways from tip toeing through the tulips!

  3. Richard - Blimey, indeed!

    Mid Century Madam, thank you so much and for following my blog! I am going to check out yours right now...

  4. 2/6/11
    Mighty strange CD from the late Herbert Buckingham Khuary, Alias Tiny Tim. He looks so sour on that cover, much less having a merry Christmas. Usually on publicity photos, he flashed a kooky grin, so what happened? Also, the AIDS song was supposedly a misunderstanding: many people, including gays thought he was singing about transmitted disease; really, he was singing about Santa Claus losing weight by eating "Aydes" candy, the diet candy you mentioned in another post on this blog. The miunderstanding is in the CD's misprint. It also didn't help that many people thought Tim was bisexual: He was supposedly a deeply religious person who was seriously chaste about sex in real life. That's what cost him his marriage to Miss Vicki Buddinger; She was into sexual relations, he was surprisingly not, due to religious beliefs (I believe he was Catholic, like his dad, Bhutros Khaury, who died in 1973.)

  5. RobGems, thank you for your comments but I have to disagree on the AIDS/AYDES song - listen to the lyrics. I think Tiny Tim was Monday morning quarterbacking by saying he was really singing about the diet candy. Why would Santa be sick in bed and in pain from eating Aydes?

  6. 2/16/11
    RobGems.ca wrote:
    Your point on Tiny Tim's "AIDS" song was well thought out;Maybe he did (but maybe he didn't officially mean to)offend real people who were stricken with the AIDS virus. Perhaps he truly was being prejudiced on the part of his religion, & was simply trying to freak out some of his listeners, while others probably (unfortunately) meant to agree with him. If that's the case, then to me, the song is totally a grossed-out statement that probably shouldn't have been officially released. Certainly no major label, like Warner/Reprise would have tolerated a song like that,so to me the idea of doing a spoof like this is confusing as well as ignorant of other people's feelings about the subject matter. I'm sorry if I confused you in any fashion, it was my own mis-interpetation. You have a good blog, & lots of informative facts , so let's leave it as that.

  7. Tiny Tim was most likely on the Autism spectrum. A lot of them do not partake in sex, and avoid closeness.


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