Beefcake! Sexy Advertising Studs of the 70s, Part 2

Thursday, March 18, 2010
Back by popular demand is a second installment of Sexy Advertising Studs of the 70s. In case you missed Part 1, that can be found here for your viewing pleasure. So many of these ads make me wonder what modeling agents were smoking in the 1970s (besides the usual.) Apparently you didn't actually have to be good looking and have a nice body to be a male model back then. You just needed a 'stache and an affinity for wearing tight fitting shirts and pants, or as many of these ads attest to...nothing at all. Can you smell the testosterone already?

So John Oates did a little modeling on the side....who knew?

You are "an animal" according to the ad copy. But those hideous stripes make me think of a zebra, not a tiger, sport.

What body suit? I'm too distracted by the serious looking 'stache.

Holy smokes. The caption for this one needs to be, "One of These Things Does Not Go With the Others" - case in point that bald bearded man at the top. Where'd they pick up that dude - Pedophiles Anonymous?

This gem comes courtesy of Retrospace. I just have two questions: 1. why do the hear muffs have to be so freakin' huge and 2. how did such a goofy looking guy get a hot chick? I know I'd dropkick both from my boudoir.

Two examples of patterned underwear...never looks good, even when being modeled by a long-haired Robert Redford lookalike.

This was a "pretty good idea"???

Things happen when you wear Eleganza, alright. Like people pointing and laughing at you.


  1. Oh damn you! If I could have found those, I would have used them!!

    Amazing how lots of guys looked like Jim Croce back then.

  2. Feel free to repurpose them, Barbara!

  3. Holy Smokes Pam. I was not ready for that sock ad. At least they are wearing them on their feet and not somewhere else. Gulp.

  4. Those are hysterical. I still cannot stand pornstaches.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Spring into Spring giveaway

  5. Hear muffs? Are you kidding me? I love the one with all the naked guys in socks. Oh geez. I'm so tickled. Thanks, I needed a laugh today.


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