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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

And not just any ol' retro weirdness, but retro foreign weirdness - even better. As a rule I generally don't like just posting YouTube videos and telling my readers "Here - WATCH this" but in this case, I really do want to you to watch this clip - it is SO worth it. It is guaranteed to make you cry - with laughter.

The singer's name is Edward Hill Caramelldansen and very little can be found about him - only that he's a Russian vocalist. But apparently he is also a VERY happy fellow, as this stunning performance can attest to, or perhaps he forgot the lyrics and simply decided to laugh his way through the song. Or maybe he just escaped from the looney bin - you be the judge.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha!! Oh man, thanks for sharing - I was laughing, but creeped out at the same time. :)

  2. Wow! That's an interesting one! Thanks for sharing! But someone please explain it to me!

  3. The most information I could find is that he's a Russian...ahem..."vocalist" (we certainly can't call that singing, can we?) and that the song has something to do with the fact that he is happy to be returning home.

    I'd love to know what year it is from...since this is coming from a former Iron Curtain nation, it may look like the 70s but who knows, could've been filmed in the 90s!

  4. Эдуард Хиль (Eduard Hil) 1976
    This is vocalise
    Composer Arkady Ostrovsky wrote melody specifically for Valery Obodzinsky.


    Валерий Ободзинский (Valery Obodzinsky), USSR

    Муслим Магомаев (Muslim Magomayev), USSR

    Янош Коош, Венгрия - Koós János (Janos Koosh), Hungary

    I like "Sergei Rachmaninov - Vocalise"
    Вероника Джиоева (сопрано) Камерный оркестр Новосибирской филармонии Дирижер Алим Шахмаметьев
    Veronika Dzhioeva (soprano) Novosibirsk Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra conducted by Alim Shakhmametyev

    Александр Хрустевич (Alexander Hrustevich)

    Peter Pringle

    The vocal quartet "Accord" ("Аккорд") - Vocalise Twist. The film "White piano" ("Белый роял) (1968, USSR, Tajikfilm)

  5. The thing about this video is that he *sings* a american cowboy song, and since this is very old... this is around the Cold War time, so no way could someone Russian sing this song on live tv, or anywhere at all, even using russian lyrics. So he changed it, in a way. He didn't use the lyrics, he just... yeah sings lol.

  6. Thanks Maria Jensen for the explanation - very interesting!


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