The Enjoli Woman

Monday, May 10, 2010
When I first saw this commercial as a child, it made me look forward to becoming a woman. I always thought the ad sort of epitomized having it all, along with the Revlon Charlie commercial.

And today? I just think it sounds stupid..."I can read you tick-o-ty tock"? Is she reading to the husband or her kids? "I can give you the shivering fits"...that sounds like a new flu virus. Work until 5? Don't I wish I could leave that early.


  1. This commercial definitely stuck in my head all these years. Thanks for posting it.I agree - it is pretty stupid and cheesy. Charlie was my mother's favourite - I got her this for Christmas more than a few times when I was a kid.

  2. Ha! Ha! I so remember this add, and I agree, this ad made me want to grow up and be a WOMAN! I'm not quite this glamorous, but give me some time! :) I love the lyrics. WTF?

    I'll be smiling over this all day!


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