Flying the Friendly Skies

Thursday, May 20, 2010
A while ago I wrote about Five Things That Were Way Better Way Back When, and air travel made the list. In case you need further proof in how drastically traveling has changed in the past half century, just check out this promotional video for Pan Am from 1958. Sumptuous (and free) food options, plenty of room, and spacious restrooms that we can only dream about now. No one back then could have imagined, I'm sure, a time where they'd be charged for carry-on bags and a box of some disgusting processed junk.


  1. Shows us that not everything gets better with time. Well, except the smoking rules...

  2. This is just plain unfair. I wish I could feasibly think of the bathrooms on modern airplanes as "powder rooms". And it'd certainly make joining the mile club easier (but you didn't hear that from me).

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  4. This was an interesting clip. It doesn't even seem like it's fun to fly anymore. When was the last time you could actually greet someone right as they came off of the plane as we did with my grandma at Newark airport when she came home from California in 1978.


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