Go Retro's Retro Hottie of the Month: John Sebastian!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy July and good glorious sideburns! I'm thinking lately that it might be a good idea to bring back my Retro Hottie of the Month feature. What's the occasion? Well, John Sebastian is, that's what...or who. A funny thing happened when I started looking up a collection of pictures of John playing the autoharp a few weeks ago: I developed a searing crush on him. How did I miss this beauty for so long? I know all of The Lovin' Spoonful's hits, of course, but I never really have seen much footage of their live performances because they always seem left out of Ed Sullivan specials.

John Sebastian is one of America's greatest songwriters...and from all accounts that I've read, a real gentleman and a nice guy...but he's also pretty darn sweet to look at as well, in my opinion. How pathetic am I? Well, I almost told his nephew - who commented on a YouTube video featuring his famous uncle playing at Woodstock - that his Uncle Johnny was hhhhooooootttt, but wisely stopped myself. I just want to step back in time and into the photo above, put my lips up those famous granny glasses and steam them up while asking if he's got a lovin' spoonful saved just for me. Yeah. I'll stop now before I make everyone sick!

Here's a collection of photos of John through the years. I guarantee you won't see this many photos of him in one place anywhere else!

This one below is probably my favorite - I just *love* that smile...and if you click on it, you'll get a much larger view!

All together now - "awwwwwww!"

A few with the Spoonful...now how many guys do you know who wear a vest or who can rock a polka dotted shirt?

With his trademark autoharp...

"I'm just sitting back, sitting here lovin' you..."


This one makes me weak in the knees. A rare shot sans trademark specs...so very handsome either way.

Whoo hoo...loving those legs!

Even though he's probably someone's grandpa today, he's still awfully cute:

And here's the thing about Sebastian that really makes him such a doll to me (and I realize I've already mentioned this) - in any interview I've seen of him, he really comes across as a delightfully nice guy. People who knew him back in the day have nothing but kind things to say about him. You didn't have to be so nice, Mr. Sebastian - but we're awfully glad you are.


  1. I agree, he does look pretty HOT in that photo. I had a crush like this last year on Cary Grant after seeing him in An Affair to Remember. Crushes are wonderful.

  2. He was, and still is a nice looking man....

  3. He's totally adorable! Pam, we may come from different retro backgrounds, but our love of men is something that brings us together! :) I love the way men used to look before they got all girly and stuff...

  4. Amanda - I'm discovering that there are fewer and fewer "current" male celebrities that I would consider attractive. Call me weird but I like the guys who were famous back in the day...we have great taste. ;)

    Sassy Lassies Vintage Life - Cary Grant will definitely be featured as a future Retro Hottie of the Month.

  5. Yummy. I still crush on lots of retro stars. Mostly 80's dudes who were famous when I was growing up. Too bad most of them are bloated and gross now. John, on the other hand, has held up pretty well!

  6. Yep, Mimi, he's aged very gracefully. I used to say the same about Paul McCartney but I think in recent years he's been hitting the botox...or more!

  7. P.S. I so wonder whatever happened to sideburns. I am CRAZY about them. I can't think of anything sexier on a man. I am so sick and tired of the goatee/soul patch/Don Johnson look. Whatever happened to being clean shaven but having sideburns? Definitely a topic for a future post!

  8. I have met him and he was a warm, funny guy that would rather sit and chat with you about music, Spoonfull, or Woodstock, than probably anything else! Real genuine guy!
    He was playing at a workshop tent I worked, at the Mississippi Valley Blues Fest in Davenport, IA (my hometown). Very down to earth and not at all celebrity.
    He did mention to me though, to say, "Hi!" to Pam at Go Retro! if I ever come across you and the "he'll always remember that night..." I had no idea what he was saying and thought, "Pam who from where?"
    p.s. I'm growing the sideburns for you as I type!

  9. Ha! Shawn, LMAO! That made my evening.

    Very cool that you got to meet him...and I don't doubt that he's every bit as delightful as you say. Did you get a picture with him?

    When your muttonchops come in, send us a picture!

  10. AJB - Wow, sounds like you have an in with JS. Any chance you could hook me up with an autographed photo? Private guitar lesson at John's Woodstock farm? Interview?


    Just (half) joking. Hmmmm...I'm thinking now's a good time to put a contact email up on the blog's home page.

    I loved reading your comments!

  11. Oops, I accidentally deleted AJB's comment while trying to delete one of mine. Here it is:

    AJB: I've met John many times and he's always been more sweet than the last! What a wonderful, gracious, humble and truly passionate human being! Very nice choice for July. :)

  12. In other news, my fiance has mean muttonchops. No joke. I sort of groomed him into this 70s guy, but thought of the sideburns on his own. They look great and yeah, very sexy!

  13. Amanda - I want to see a picture!

  14. I have really enjoyed your retro hottie of the month posts and am glad that you are thinking of bringing them back. I love that picture of him with the doggie in it. There are some guys from the 1980s that I didn't start liking until later but a few of them aren't looking that great anymore like Mimi said- wish that I had been into them back then

  15. Lara Ann - cool, then the Retro Hottie of the Month posts will continue. My big teen crush from the 80s was Don Johnson...not sure what he's looking like these days...I am afraid to Google him.

  16. I could only find the smallest pics of my fiance


    He writes about Classic Video Games for About.com. This is a pic on the site:


    I thought there would be bigger pics, but you can see the muttons I hope!

  17. Ooooo, he is SOOO cute Amanda! Congrats! He could be a Retro Hottie of the Month! And that's very impressive that he writes for About.com - I've looked up their articles many times.

    BTW I believe you told me in my post about being single a few weeks ago that he "came out of nowhere." I love knowing that because it gives me and my friends a lot of hope. I live my life knowing that anything great can happen any day, at any moment.

    You have a great Fourth as well!

  18. Haha! I was wondering where my comment went.. technology is evil! :) I'll send you an email if it's up on the blog - too lazy to look before I comment. It's the fourth, after all. ;)

  19. I've added it to "About Me" on the home page...it's GoRetro1@hotmail.com.

    Happy 4th!

  20. just discovering him.....why the hell don't men look this hot any more?

  21. Hi! I hope it's OK that I've linked to this post from a post on my blog about autoharps. Thanks!

  22. "Hot," and seriously talented!


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