Go Retro's Retro Hottie of the Month: Christopher Plummer

Monday, November 01, 2010
This month's Retro Hottie of the Month is for my mother - she's been in love with Christopher Plummer ever since The Sound of Music was released 45 years ago. Who can blame her? He is yummy indeed, but I must admit that when Captain Von Trapp starts blowing that whistle, I want to rip it from his hands and blast it in his ear. I plan on posting about my love for The Sound of Music later this week (the cast recently reunited on Oprah) but in the meantime, here's a collection of Plummer photos. 

The Canadian-born Plummer developed a bit of a bad boy reputation in his younger days. This 2005 interview quote from Entertainment Weekly cracked me up: "(We didn't drink) because we had problems. We drank 'cause we adored it! We adored getting drunk, you a--holes! Don't tell me that it isn't fun! I can't bear that. Oh, you must have had some awful childhood, that you drank like that. Nonsense! Actually, I was taught as a child to drink. I came from a family that loved wine. I was twelve, I think, when I was drinking wine with dinner. I'm glad I had fun and lived in a fun time."

We'll drink to that!


  1. Christopher Plummer is DEFINITELY hot!!!! Thanks for all these drool-worthy pictures!!!!

  2. Ah, you're welcome, Listen and Talk Nashville! When I make someone drool, my job is done. :)

  3. The Sound of Music is seriously one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time. I don't normally watch Oprah on a regular basis, but I was glued to that tv last Thursday, lol. I love your "Hottie of the Month" posts...but then again, I enjoy reading the entire blog. :)

  4. Ahh Christopher Plummer. I only watched The Sound of Music for the first time in 2007 (I know, deprived childhood), and I fell in love with Capt. Von Trapp. Thanks for featuring him this month!

  5. Ahh, thanks Jenn and Ruby Rach! I love The Sound of Music and definitely must post a tribute to it this week - it's the ultimate chick flick! And yes, it's one of my top ten favorites, too. There's no better way to get your toes tapping then to listen to the music.

  6. You wanna blow a whistle in his ear? Is that what you kids are calling it these days?

  7. Christopher Plummer was married to Tammy Grimes and they produced Amanda Plummer and that alone makes me adore him. He has a rotten reputation from what I heard, but the end product is always so good. He made a movie called Prototype which is a modern take on Frankenstein but with a cyborg. It's by the guys who created Columbo and you'll totally need a box of tissues. It's my favorite film with Plummer in it.

  8. He doesn't really rock my boat, honestly...but what the heck? Different strokes, ya know!

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  10. @Rich - LOL! Yep, that's what we're calling it.

    @Amanda - yep, I forgot to mention Amanda Plummer. He didn't have the greatest relationship with her early on, but I read they do now. I find her so annoying, though, that it's hard for me to believe she's Christopher Plummer's offspring. The cyborg movie sounds interesting.

    @Marlene - ah well, perhaps next month's selection will float your boat. I try to go for variety with the hottie of the month posts.

    @Lazar - welcome, and thanks for your nice comments. I'll definitely check out your blog today.

  11. Whoah! That second picture looks like a young Martin Landau!


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