Two Forgotten Friday Favorites: Foreigner

Friday, November 19, 2010

I must spread some love for Foreigner this morning. They are, without a doubt, one of my favorite bands of the 70s/80s. I think the ultimate 80s concert would be seeing Journey, Survivor, and Foreigner perform together because their sounds and names are similar. But of the trio, Foreigner - a mashup of British and American musicians; hence, the group's title - stands out the most to me. They were not the type to make social or political statements, but rather, their music dealt with the ups and downs of relationships and that's why I love them. This same group gave us what I consider to be one of the most romantic ballads ever written, Waiting For A Girl Like You, and one of the sexiest songs about straight-up sex ever written, Urgent. (URGENT! URGENT! EMERGENCY! Sorry. Couldn't control myself.) 

Both those hits, by the way, featured Thomas Dolby of She Blinded Me With Science fame on synthesizer. 

I don't think I've ever met anyone who has told me in person that they're a Foreigner fan, but they're definitely out there: so many glowing comments on YouTube. The group has expanded and shrunk through the years, losing and gaining members, but the songwriting/vocals of Mick Jones and Lou Gramm is still my favorite combo, and produced much of the well-known hits of the 70s and 80s. 

I hadn't heard 1987's Say You Will in years, and never saw the actual video until this week. This has a nice film noir look to it. I recognized Cathy Fedoruk, a fashion model from the 80s and 90s, as the call girl:

It's impossible for me to choose a second, but I cannot resist the song Urgent. Junior Walker of All Stars fame recorded the sax solo on the record.


  1. I love Foreigner's music as well. You might want to check out their latest album "Can't Slow Down" which is as good as any of their 80's stuff. Same goes for Journey's latest - "Revelation".

  2. "Cold as Ice." Man I love that song.

    Once we had a school trip to Wichita, KS (I lived in a small town 2+ hours away) and we drove by the place where Foreigner was going to be in concert that same night! A few of us almost ditched the school bus to catch the show and ride the Grayhound home. The bus station is only a few blocks from the concert venue. We really should have done it.

  3. @Luis - I've been meaning to check out the new album. But is it still good without Lou Gramm's voice?

    @Retro Hound - yep, and "Feels Like the First Time", "Double Vision" and "Blue Morning, Blue Day."

    Yeah, I would've regretted missing my chance, too. They are still touring and performing.

  4. They may still be touring, but I wouldn't be skipping school to see them.

  5. Wow - FINALLY someone who knows about Foreigner. Most of my friends have never heard of them. WHAT!!?!!?? They were BIG!!

    I'm a JOURNEY lover, too. No one can belt out a tune like Steve Perry used to!

  6. @Marlene - how old are your friends? I guess I could see most younger people not being familiar...although they know who Journey is because of the show Glee.

  7. I like Foreigner - their greatest hits are on my cd wish list. Journey is great too. I got my brother into them a couple of years ago.

  8. I love Foreigner! I have several of their recordings on 8 Track as well as vinyl. Never got to see them in concert though...but I did manage to see Journey, who were fantastic!

  9. They played an ice show that was on TV over the weekend...of course they included "Cold As Ice."

    The lead singer is OK. Not as distinctive as Lou Gramm, but they still sound pretty good.

    I thought of another forgotten favorite: "I Don't Want to Live Without Your Love." That to me is as pretty and romantic as "Waiting For A Girl Like You."

  10. Wow Pam. Let me say I have ALWAYS loved Foreigner; even through their 90s Agent Prov. I remember putting on the Foreigner's first album on the parents HiFi; an instant lifelong fan. "Long, Long way from Home", "I want to know what love is" are my favs. "Girl Like You" is still hot (as is Walter Egan's "Magnet and Steel"). Journey favs. are "Frontiers" and "OH Sherry", but Steve Perry's voice was sharp for long listens... Also on my lifelong list, I saw Styx Grand Illusion tour in a small Ice Rink setting in the 70s - like a personal show - still my favorite to this day.

    Cheers! and Happy Thanksgiving...

  11. @s-a-h-d: You have good taste. And same to you!


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