Much to Be Grateful For

Thursday, November 24, 2011
One of the many things that I am grateful for this year is Go Retro's continued growth and popularity. During the past 11 months I've seen traffic grow, new followers, and at least once a week I've started to get emails from people commenting on the blog or asking me to post something retro news-worthy because they obviously value the site. So I'd like to once again thank all of you readers and fans out there who give me the inspiration and encouragement to keep Go Retro growing strong! May you all have plenty of things to be grateful for this holiday season.

And for your entertainment, here's one of those vintage how-to manners videos related to to behave at the dinner table. Watch yourselves today, kids!


  1. Pam-- Happy Thanksgiving!! And continued success with your blog. Its wouldn't be such a success if it weren't for the great material you have on it!!

  2. Love the blog! Keep up the great work.

  3. I am thankful that there are like minded folks out there who love reading about retro music, TV and fashion...:)


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