Sandy Sarjeant's Go-Go Dancing Moves

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ever since my last post about go-go dancing, I've been trying to find out if there were any notable women who made a name for themselves performing this 60s form of dance. After all, it's one of my time travel fantasy jobs. One such name that I uncovered is Sandy Sarjeant.

Sandy's name may not ring a bell to most Americans, but in Europe during the sixties, she was one of the most famous go-go dancers to ever shake her tail feather on television.

Sandy on her wedding day.
Sandy enjoyed a lucrative go-go or mod dancing career on two music shows: the UK's Ready, Steady, Go! and a German program called Beat Club. From what I saw on YouTube, male fans certainly remember her fondly and she was the cream of the British mod scene. Known as "Crazy Legs Sandy", she apparently invented her own moves which were tough for the other girls to emulate (not that it didn't stop me from trying to copy her in the privacy of my home.) But info about her bio is very scant on the Internet. Her other claims to fame were that she released a catchy single called "Can't Stop the Want" and she married British keyboardist Ian McLagan from the band Small Faces in 1968. (She starred in the music video for their hit Itchykoo Park.)

After that, the trail goes cold. How Sandy got her start dancing remains a mystery, as does anything that happened to her after 1972 (she did have a child and divorced McLagan.) If anyone out there has any additional information about Sandy, please feel free to share it. In the meantime, here's some clips of her fabulous and contagious looking moves—they sure make me want to get up and dance! She was one skinny looking chick, but how could you not be when this was your profession all day long?


  1. There is a new book out about the Faces. She is interviewed quite a bit throughout the book.

    There is, of course, Candy Johnson from the Beach movies.

  2. I'll look up Candy Johnson. I didn't know Terri Garr got her start on Shindig.

  3. The neat scene is the closing credits of Bikini Beach where she dances with Renie Riano (I think that is who it was).

  4. 2016 still nothing much on sandy on the internet - does anyone know anything more? Its so rare to draw a dead end. Maybe she changed her name.


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