C’mon, Get Happy! David Cassidy to Appear on Oprah Tomorrow

Monday, February 11, 2008
Tomorrow’s Oprah show (you can tell by now that I’m an Oprahloony) is going to feature former teenage heartthrob David Cassidy as well as the kids from The Cosby Show. David will be singing. Adult women will lose it. As the tagline for the Oprah site says, “Watch a room full of grown women lose their minds!” C’mon, get happy? Yeah...too late for that. Go positively ape sh*t is more like it!

So, is this the “were you in love with a star from the past” show that she put the call out on a couple of months ago? David never did it for me, but his brother Shaun was my first real celebrity crush…at the ripe old age of 5. I still remember receiving a toy Shaun Cassidy guitar for my 6th birthday, watching The Hardy Boys every day after school, and the television special he did one evening when he sang “They Do Run-Run.” Maybe David will give us an update on what his brother is up to these days. Check your local listings and tune in to see if Bill Cosby ever made nice with Lisa Bonet.

You can view a preview of the madness here.


  1. I so got sucked into this show the other day. I was really impressed with what a nice guy David Cassidy is. Its amazing since he was so involved in the entertainment world.

  2. I was never into him (I loved his brother, though) but it was a fun show to watch. I never realized just how big he really was, and that he walked around from it all to have some sort of normal life.


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