Express Lane Back to the 80s

Friday, February 29, 2008
Holy Bananarama! That's all I could think of when I visited the local Express store the other day. Their spring collection is full of clothes that I hadn't worn or seen since I was in junior high - and I must admit I liked an awful lot of it, enough that I plan on making a return visit soon to add some pieces to my closet. Nothing like a good swath of spandex to take you back to your teenagehood. Express introduced this 80s trend during the fall and winter by bringing back leggings and long tops...but they've really kicked it into high gear this spring with long and lean tees in bright colors over tights and skinny black jeans, fastened with wide belts. Top off the look with enamel jewerly in poppy primary colors and you've got yourself an 80s revival. I think as long as no one brings back banana hair clips and rubber bracelets we'll be safe. I did buy these stirrup leggings in the bright royal blue color you see here and they were surprisingly comfty. You can see most of the collection on the Express website.

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