Simply Quite Atrocious!

Friday, February 22, 2008
Last night when Charlie Gibson announced on ABC World News an upcoming report that claimed Mary Poppins was a liar, I nearly spit out my penne. What? Not our Mary. Not the spoonful-of-sugar loving nanny cemented forever in our cinematic memories by Julie Andrews in the Disney movie. What in the holy name of chim-chimery-cheroo are they talking about?

ABC reporter Robert Cruelvich (that isn't how you spell his last name, but given the circumstances) is the perpetrator that orchestrated this two-minute waste of reporting. Using footage from the classic movie and playing it backwards and in slow-motion, he claimed that the way Julie Andrews pronounces " know the rest" backwards isn't even close to the correct way it should be pronounced. They even spelled out the word backwards and forwards and demonstrated how it should've been dictated. And then he said Mary Poppins "lied to us."

You know what I think Cruelvich was really looking for by playing that audio backwards? Evidence that Julie Andrews was telling kids that "the walrus was Paul", or "I like to smoke a good bong on Sundays."

File this one under "too much time on his hands." And I've clearly got too much time to be posting about it! Nonetheless, you can check out this example of foolishness on the ABC News site, and look for the Watch Video clip on the right.

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