Go Retro's Retro Hottie of the Month: Harrison Ford!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Picture copyright Lucasfilms.

The year is 1983, I am in the 6th grade, and it's the last day of school before Christmas vacation. We're sitting in Mr. Rapasardi's classroom, a TV and VCR at the front of the room, expecting to be shown the same old Christmas special a la Rudolph or Charlie Brown. Mr. Rapasardi puts a tape in and much to our surprise, it's a movie...as evident by the Paramount Pictures logo at the start of the tape. For the next two hours my classmates and I are enraptured by an action adventure movie (the likes of which many of us haven't seen before) filled with rolling giant boulders, exotic locations, chase sequences, snakes, Nazis with melting faces, and a man...a very hunky, grown-up, handsome man wearing a fedora and leather jacket and brandishing a whip. He knows how to whip it...whip it good.

OK, so maybe that was a bit too melodramatic but ladies and gentlemen, that was my first introduction to Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones, and it didn't take long for me to fall for Harrison Ford. I saw the latest Indiana Jones movie over the weekend...Indy may have a significant amount of grey beneath the familiar fedora, but he's still the man for the role, and the movie is entertaining, even if it is lacking just a touch of the magic I experienced in Mr. Rapasardi's classroom 25 years ago. That's why he's this month's retro hottie of the month.

P.S. And could we ever forget Han Solo, or his role in Witness?


  1. My Harrison Ford moment was in 1986, on a weekend trip to Montreal. I wanted to go out at night, and my dear BF, now DH of many years, wanted to watch Indiana Jones - because having a TV was so NOVEL. We were poor students with no TVs you see...we had a big fight about it, too.

    In the end we watched Indiana and THEN went out, but it took us awhile to figure out that compromise. It was a really good movie, too, so I'm glad we saw it! :)

  2. nah nothing beats Indiana Jones *sigh* He was a bit of a hottie wasn't he?

  3. I just saw him in Cowboys and Aliens yesterday. He definitely was one of my big crushes of the 1980s - mid 1990s. I loved the Indy films, it's cool that you got to see that one during class. I still have some photos of him in my scrapbook but I'm thinking of trying to sell them on ebay.

    I took notes on which past posts of yours to visit months ago and am finally getting around to do so. It might take me a while to get to all of these though. Looking forward to reading them.

  4. LaraAnn - I want to see Cowboys and Aliens, too...glad to hear you liked it.

    I just realized I have been neglecting the Hottie of the Month posts! Yikes...I better step on that for August!

    How sweet that you wrote down the previous posts of mine that you want to visit. Have fun! I always love reading your comments.


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