Not Just for College Dorms Anymore

Friday, June 06, 2008
I had no idea until recently (in other words, today) that Urban Outfitters was selling home furnishes online, or that they had expanded their home collection beyond futons and marijuana cookbooks. What a delight for a retro junkie like me to go on their site and see everything from rugs to bedboards to sofas, virtually all in retro designs, for reasonable prices. Some of the items are only available online. Looks like UO is competing in the same market as IKEA and Crate&Barrel.

I've pulled a few of my favorites: the Pod chair (which also comes in lime green, white, or black), the Lulu chair, and the Hearts and Flowers rug, which has a very late 60s print:

By the way, they're still selling marijuana cookbooks, for those who want not just a retro look but a retro feel as well in their home.


  1. I haven't been in Urban Outfitters since the 80s - your post brought it back to me, how cool it was to go there and have things from there.

  2. oooh those are very sixties! Especially the first one :-)


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