Rest in Peace Bo Diddley, Yves Saint Lauren, and Pringles Can Inventor!

Monday, June 02, 2008
So many recent deaths and not enough time to post about them all! Three pop culture legends recently passed away...musical pioneer Bo Diddley (at the age of 79), fashion designer Yves Saint Lauren (71) and the man who invented the Pringles can, Fredric J. Baur (89.) Baur's legacy is the most interesting in that he actually requested to be cremated and...yes, kids...buried in a Pringles can. (Gives new meaning to the old expression "It died in the can", huh?) Actually, some of his remains also went into an urn.

Here's a really cool dress that Lauren designed in the early 60s, the Mondrian dress:

Rest in peace, Bo, Yves, and the original Mr. Pringle!

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