Timeless Classics...Or, the Ballad of Sir Swatch

Friday, June 27, 2008
Did you own a Swatch watch? I knew one girl at my school who was lucky enough to own 2 or 3. She'd wear them all together on one wrist (that was the fad) or secure one around her ponytail.

I had just one, and seeing Frankie Avalon's sweater made me nostalgic for my own Swatch. Here it is (or rather, a picture of one in perfect condition for sale on a site called Swatch and Beyond.) It's the Sir Swatch model from 1986 and a man's watch if I remember correctly (the ladies' models were too slender and small for my taste...this was the 80s, after all. The bigger and brighter the better!)

It's nice to see that he's appreciated quite nicely in value ($195.00!!!) but sadly, my own Sir Swatch has seen better days. I lifted him out of his plastic Swatch case last night and his plastic bands, which are still intact, have pretty much disintegrated and flaked away, and the tips broke off a long time ago. Alas, this was the caveat with Swatches...and if you had the scented band, like one of my friends in junior high did, the whole thing would pretty much rot away!

He also needs a new battery. In fact, I couldn't twist the cover off which makes me a bit concered about corrosion. However, I'm very determined to get Sir Swatch back up and running, which leads me back to Swatch and Beyond, a U.S.-based company that specializes in selling vintage Swatches. Their models take you right up through the present, but to me the name Swatch is always going to be synonymous with the 80s, the era where they really took off. I'm going to look into their bands (I'll probably opt for a longer-lasting leather one this time) and batteries. Stay tuned for more on the saga of Sir Swatch.


  1. So, did you ever get your Sir Swatch back working? I just fixed mine up and with a new band, it looks as good as new.


    God, how I loved that watch...

  2. But, GoRetro, the colored band makes the watch...the combination of the red and green. I hope you didn't adorn Sir Swatch with a leather one! ...Jude

  3. I totally loved your article "Go Retro!", I wasnt aware swatch made country themed watches, the one from Portugal looks stunning!


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