Elvis' Jumpsuit Has Left the Building

Friday, August 08, 2008
Photo courtesy Associated Press and MSNBC.

One of Elvis' famous white jumpsuits - this one adorned with embroidered peacocks - sold last night on an online auction site for approximately $300,000. While I normally think of the King's post-1969 wardrobe as downright tacky, I couldn't help but admire the beautiful detail on this one. Elvis paid $10,000 to L.A. fashion designer Bill Belew in 1974 to make the jumpsuit. He loved peacocks and considered them a symbol of good luck. They certainly seem to have brought good luck to the previous owner and the auction house Gotta Have It that made the sale.

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  1. They say he "invented" the jumpsuit for ease of motion. The emobroidery and huge buckled belts came later. Me...I like the black leather get up from his 1968 (?) come back TV special. All these years later...my blood pressure rises, whenever I see that clip! ...Jude


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