No Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys, But Everything Else

Tuesday, August 05, 2008
A few weeks ago I wrote about the Wright Museum in Wolfeboro, NH which focuses on the WWII era. Well, I got the chance to visit this past weekend with a good friend and we sure had a swell (there's a 1940s term for you) time! David Wright founded the museum in 1994 as a tribute to all Americans who fought in the second world war. But while the building houses a lot of military memorabilia, there's an equal amount devoted to what life was like on the homefront between 1939 and 1945. Big band music was piped through the air as we explored 40s artifacts and a time tunnel which is a series of rooms highlighting a different year during the war.

This is just a sampling of pictures that I took during the visit. Ready for a virtual tour? OK, anchors away...

This car is in the lobby and it was love at first sight for me. Honey, I just wonder what you do in the back of your black Cadillac. And let me tell you, the backseat was certainly big enough for *that*, because we looked!

Here's a sampling of typical greeting cards that were made created especially to send to loved ones serving overseas. The amusing part is that there were instructions on what to include in your correspondance (talk about family, friends, pets, etc.) as if you didn't have a clue.

I told my friend I wanted this bike and she firmly informed me that it was a *boys* bike. The bike I have now is a boys' bike because my legs were too long for the women's model, so I still think it would suit me just fine! I found out that bikes back then required license plates and many came equipped with headlights.

This pencil pusher was showcased with old typewriters and other communication devices.

Sisters are doing it for themselves...and for the war effort.

How kids used to entertain themselves before the Internet, video games, and computers.

A typical kitchen scene - Dad's gone off to work or war while Mom stays behind with the baby. I made note of brand names we don't see anymore, such as Rinso soap.

The couple who donated their wedding outfits on the left wrote to each other for TWO YEARS, after ONE DATE IN PERSON before they got married. My how times have changed! Today, you can't email a stranger you found on an online dating site for longer than 2 days without them wanting to get together.

The little girl mannequin looked like she was either constipated or couldn't stomach her mother's singing. The sheet music on the piano was for "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree." Good choice!

The military section of the museum: lots of tanks, motorcycles, uniforms, and an airplane.

When I first saw the soda fountain shop, I thought the lady in the background worked for the museum and would've gladly made me a soda pop rickey had I asked. I was hoping Mr. Plastic Soda Jerk was there just for show. But alas, although they had tables and chairs set up, it turns out everything was just for show.

Jukebox Saturday Night! Too bad it wasn't up and working.

I may have to show more photos in a later post - there was too much to include here! If you're ever in the lakes region of New Hampshire, the visit is well worth it. The musuem's site is Much thanks to my friend Jude for taking the snaps of me and accompanying me on this fun visit through history! I think someone needs to build 1950s and 1960s musuems now...


  1. Thank you for your wonderful review. I am the executive director of the Wright Museum of WWII History and we take great delight in making the past come alive for present and future generations. This was particularly the case yesterday (8/5/08) as we prepared the museum's great hall for an upcoming visit by filmmaker Ken Burns. Preparations included the moving of all our WWII vehicles. There was a pretty good-sized crowd that had the cance to witness the museum's 42-ton Pershing tank in motion, as well as a veritable fleet of smaller vehicles.

    For more about the museum, please visit

    Mark Foynes
    Wright Museum of WWII History

  2. Now THAT looks like my kind of place to visit! I love old set ups like this :-)

  3. So awesome! I dig the jukebox, but really loved the bikes!!


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