GoRetro's First Blog Award!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Cue the drumroll and picture me in an evening gown (preferably a vintage one)...because Go Retro has won its first blog award, the Brillante Weblog Award. I'm flattered beyond belief that my blog has managed to attract a few fans who thought it was worthy enough to be recognized. I'd like to thank Lidian from Kitchen Retro and Amy from I Luv Retro Things for bestowing me with this award. You gals are just swell!

Be sure to check out their blogs sometime for more retro fun and goodies. I like to visit both every day.

Now technically, I'm supposed to pass this award onto 7 other worthy blogs...but here's the thing: I don't frequent too many, and the ones I do gave it to me. So, I promise, as I build up more relationships in the blogosphere I'll be sure to pass the award along.

Thanks again!


  1. lol you sound like me! I'm forever saying swell, sweet, cool, choice, smashing, I dig that lol

  2. congrats on your award! when i grow up, i wanna win an award too. but in all seriousness, im so flattered that you like my writing style. my blog started mostly as a writing project to see if i could possibly do this sort of thing for a living and because i had no clips, so its really nice to have someone that feels im a good writer.


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