Go Yearbook Yourself!

Thursday, August 14, 2008
We knew this was coming...first you could Simpsonize yourself, then you could insert yourself into the JibJab cartoons. Now you can see what your past life's yearbook picture looked like with this cool but scary new site that I found, YearbookYourself.com.

(Be patient - the Flash homepage takes a moment to load.) Simply select your gender, upload a headshot photo, and voila - instant cringeworthy, ready-for-burning yearbook poses from various decades. My selection even had me in an afro, but they were all so fugly (not to mention out of proportion, even when I lined up my eyes and mouth perfectly according to the image viewer) that I'm too chicken to show any of them here. One of these days, though, I will have to post my Simpsonized self because it's just too cute, and several coworkers told me that it actually did look like me.

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