Nor Mrs. Slocomobe and Karl Malden, Too!

Thursday, July 02, 2009
Oh this New England weather...and recent numerous celebrity deaths. I can't take it anymore!

Mollie Sugden, who played the multi-colored wig wearing Mrs. Slocombe on the long-running British comedy Are You Being Served? has died at the age of 86. Mrs. Slocombe was famous for talking about her pussy - as in pussycat, of course! Just last year we lost Mr. Humphries - here's hoping he is "freeee" to greet Mollie at the pearly gates. Here's a compilation of clips featuring Mrs. Slocombe talking about her pussy - the best and longest running line gag in the history of television, I'm sure.

And Karl Malden - I grew up knowing him as the guy with the big nose who promoted American Express in the 70s ("don't leave home without it") but Malden also had a long and illustrious career in films including A Streetcar Named Desire On the Waterfront, and Baby Doll, and then later a five-year run on the TV series The Streets of San Francisco with a young and yummy Mike Douglas. Here's some of those old AE ads with Malden.

Rest in peace.


  1. RIP Mollie Sugden, I loved Mrs Slocombe when I was growing up, Are you being servedis still a favourite today.

  2. thats so sad. i had no idea are you being served was so funny. i flip to bbc america from time to time but ive never sat and watched an episode all the way through. if its not blackadder, i dont necessarily have the patience. britcom needs to be watched from start to finish for you to reall get it.

  3. also i have a stupid do you know people are following your blog if you dont have the followers widget in the sidebar?

  4. DANG.. how am I just finding this out 9 months later? What a great show. The mere uttering from Mrs. Slocum about her "pussy" always got me rolling. John Inman lowering his voice to sound more manly always cracked me up too! Did you ever see "Are you being Served Again?" Old Mr. Grace passed away and left them an old house in the country. They decided to start running it as a B&B, and the craziness insues!

  5. My brother, mother, Aunt Al and I love Are You Being Served? I was watching this last Friday night, actually - along with Keeping Up Appearances and As Time Goes By.


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