Bad Cover Art of the Day: The Rolling Stones

Friday, August 21, 2009

I was going through my CD collection when I remembered this gem. For some reason, 1978's "Some Girls" is a Rolling Stones album that never seems to get much attention, despite containing some great songs including the hits "Miss You", "Beast of Burden", and "Shattered", not to mention a commendable remake of The Temptations' "(Just My) Imagination." Could the album's cover art have something to do with it?

It's definitely retro - we do like that. It's set up like an old store advertisement for women's wigs with the track titles masquerading as the names of the wigs' styles. The problem I have with it is the fact that Mick, Keith, and the rest of the boys were cheekily inserted as women beneath some of the wigs, and painted over with garish "makeup." Needless to say if you thought these guys were ugly before, they look like triple baggers in drag. While I can appreciate that this was designed before Photoshop, some of the faces are freakishly out of proportion - but I guess that adds to the cheesiness factor. I will say this - Jagger looks the best, almost as good as Hall & Oates in a previous bad cover art post.

The original cover art got the boys into hot water, but I can imagine it's a valuable collector's item today. It included the likenesses of Lucille Ball, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcett, and Rachel Welch alongside the band. A lawsuit was threatened by those celebs still living, and the estates of Garland and Monroe, and the artwork was changed. That's why some of the ladies on the cover have their faces colored out.

You can't blame the Stones for going for an attention grabbing look, and the album is a good one. Some girls, however, are better off as guys.


  1. hmm I agree, it's not very um likeable is it? Gotta love the rolling stones though.

  2. I disagree. That is so me great cover art. I had the album and I loved checking it out, especially when I was stoned. I recently bought the CD.

  3. Dr. Monkey - to each their own. I do think musically it is a fantastic album.

  4. Thank you Betty (or Juan or both)! I always love hearing from people who enjoy my blog. I hope you'll come back for another visit soon.

  5. My brother bought me this tape one christmas.I've been a Rolling Stones fan ever since.Personally I think the cover art is a hoot.The Stones are just that cool of a band.


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