Word Up...Tell Me What's the (Key)word

Monday, August 31, 2009

Granny Bessie up above is shocked - shocked at some keyword searches that led visitors to my blog. I was pleasantly surprised to see some amusing ones of late and thought I'd share them with everyone.

First of all, my blog post about Julia Child's love life has attracted the most curious traffic lately, thanks to the hit movie "Julie & Julia." Many of the keyword searches include:

julia child's sex life
julia child sex
julia child was a virgin
julia child sexuality
julia child + sex
julia child and sex with her husband
julia child make love with her husband
saucy sex

Other actual amusing keyword searches include:

daryl hall young dressed like girls
jeans for fat people retro tv ads
+hottie+machine+bed+finger (I bet whoever searched for this was disappointed when it led to my post about the Magic Finger vibrating bed)
bad things in sesame street
chocolate ecstasy news
does tony orlando wear a wig
everybody knows everybody knows......can you hear the song
father has a lust for his daughter retro classics
father sex retro
retro nude hula dance
retro sex
two retro chicks picked up their male friend at the airport to have some real quality time with him
was willy wonka and the chocolate factory an acid trip
what are the steps to slowly go retro
who sung the song one moment on air bud golden retriever

Clearly, there is a theme here - sex does indeed sell. I never tire of what people come up with.


  1. Hilarious! Now I'm curious about my blog . . . Really makes you wonder about the readers :)

  2. nice blog and nice lady who runs it


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