To Be-atles or Not to Be-atles

Monday, August 03, 2009
If you're a Beatles fan and you've never seen this skit before, then you are in for a treat.

When I was in college, my English teacher showed this spoof to us shortly after we had read Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." I have to say it trumps the movie version, which was also made in the 60s, but nowhere near as enjoyable. And if you're a fan of the British series "The Vicar of Dibley" you might recognize the announcer at the beginning of the video as Trevor Peacock, who played Jim "No No No No No" Trott. It's kind of scary to me that I picked him out right away.

Side note: For those of you in the Beatles fan community who happen along this blog, you might recognize the "P" vest that Paul is wearing, especially if you knew the late, wonderful Joe Pope and subscribed to his fanzine Strawberry Fields Forever, or called his hotline the Beatlephone. He wore the vest (well, the P could be for Pope, after all) and auctioned it off at one of his "Magical Mystery Tour" Boston conventions in the mid 70s.

Such great memories...enjoy:

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  1. That was SO funny - I never came across this before and I adore the Beatles (I have since I was 6 in 1968!) so this was a real treat! Thank you so much for posting it. They were the greatest, they really were :)


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