Three Ads Too Good Not to Share #4

It's another hodge podge of the weirdly wonderful from the world of advertising. 

I saw this first ad on Vintage Child Abuse and it just left me speechless. Babies wrapped in cellophane. Remarkable to think that someone actually thought this was a good idea. Reminds me of the Mad Men episode where Sally was playing with a laundry bag over her head.

Who doesn't love a jock strap ad? I'm curious about the copy at the end..."send stamp for booklet." You mean there was a whole catalog promoting straps for private parts?
 Yippie!!! Green stamps! The best part about this ad are the kids - they're paying absolutely no attention to dad's terrible singing. They're too fixated on the football game on the TV. By the way, did anyone else keep their fruit on the television set?


  1. Why yes, plastic/wax fruit either on the TV or the coffee table, often just green,purple, or yellow grapes but sometimes the whole plantation. Dig that slamming organ; imagine hearing Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida on it. Green Stamps were the greatest; I used to collect them (and the yellow ones) in the little paper books, my tongue a little gluey until someone told me I could use a wet towel. The S&H store was boring; mixers, blenders, vacuums - the catalog was the real fun as it had all the toys. Dreaming about the BB gun, the playset, or whatever.I only bought one thing and sadly I don't remember what it could have been. Cheers.


  2. I was wondering what my decor in my new home was missing.

    Plastic fruit.

    Oh, and kids wrapped in plastic. So very Twin Peaks! Retro cool! :)

  3. What brilliant ads! That Dad singing is hilarious!

  4. Looks like dad is drunk again.

    Also, I hope they poked air holes in that cellophane.


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