Two Forgotten Friday Favorites: Basia

Friday, August 27, 2010
I'm not sure who else remembers or who is a fan of this lady from the 80s, but I've been meaning to post about Basia for months now. I've been a fan for years and finally saw her in concert earlier this summer - she still sounds and looks as splendid as ever, and is currently touring to promote her latest album, It's That Girl Again. Basia is a Polish singer with a romantic, jazzy style (she's sort of like the Polish Sade) who has enjoyed more success in Europe and Japan than she did in the States, but she does have a lot of American fans, and I have always loved her music for its optimistic message. Her new album is pretty good, but my favorites will always be her first two from the 80s, Time and Tide and London, Warsaw, New York. 

Basia's early group was a UK band called Matt Bianco (one of the other members, Danny White, said the name was meant to sound like a 60s spy character.) The other members were Kito Poncioni, and Mark Reilly. Basia and White split from the group to pursue her solo career and White is still in her current band. 

Needless to say it's so hard for me to choose just two songs, but here's Baby You're Mine and Drunk on Love (the latter is actually from her 1994 album, The Sweetest Illusion.) Just really sweet sounding music - and I love her dress and hat in the Baby You're Mine video. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!


  1. I love Basia. I forgot all about her, but fondly remember her with the prompting by you. Thanks.

  2. She's touring again!!! And has a website and a fan website - goto and to see if she will be coming to a venue close to you.

    I saw her in June at Club Nokia (Los Angeles) and she was AWESOME!!!!

  3. @Sassy Lassies Vintage - glad I could remind you!

    @Beejcctx - I saw her in concert in June. She's still on the same tour and she's coming back to my area in November.

    Indeed, she's awesome - still looks and sounds the same. Def one of my faves.

  4. Her name sounds a little familiar but I really don't remember her music. I'm glad that you finally got to see a music star that you truly enjoy.

  5. I really dig Basia. Her voice exemplifies classiness and coolness. Her music makes me want to pour myself a martini and take a nice long hot bath.

    This perplexes me because I'm a shower guy, who only takes long hot baths when I pull or strain something. LOL!

  6. I used to have two of her CD's...until my weasel neighbor actually stole them from me. I am not sure if he really knew what he was taking since my stolen CD's amounted to:

    Notorious B.I.G
    Dr. Dre

    I absolutely hate thieves. I would love to randomly run into him on my way to a black ski mask and baseball bat convention.



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