Three Ads Too Good Not to Share #5: The Childhood Commercial Edition

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today's post highlights three epic TV commercial fails that you may remember from your childhood...

First up: You, Your Kids...and Your Johnson
Yep, you read that correctly. This is the poster boy example of why advertisers should always stay on top of current pop culture. As the site so beautifully explains it, "Johnson was an outboard motor company that apparently paid zero attention to slang, which meant their 1980s-era ad about all the fun times to be had with "you and your Johnson" was destined to become a classic. The line about 'you, your kids, and your Johnson' is really where the wheels come off."


#2: The Slim Suit
Here's one for my Retro Product Fail series--the Slim Suit, a weight loss product marketed during the 80s. Holy smokes! This is a revolutionary concept, so pay attention, folks: if you wear this hideous space suit while exercising, you'll LOSE weight!

#3: Get Ayds, Lose Weight
Another example of poor timing with the times, Ayds was a weight loss candy that had the misfortune of being introduced in the mid-80s. No need to mention why this was a Retro Product Fail:


  1. oh my! those are epic fails! thanks for sharing.

  2. ROFL!!! I'm lovin' the 80's hair. Oops, I should shut it, since I sported some of those hair styles myself.

  3. Ayds had been around for decades; wikipedia says trademarked 1937 or so. I remember the buzz they caused in the early 70s; not sure a fail - some say they were the biggest selling diet aid at the time.

  4. by "buzz" I meant media buzz, popularity.

  5. Thanks for the background on Ayds candy, stay-at-home dad. I believe the article on Onlinedegrees didn't mention their history. Nonetheless I have a feeling their popularity dropped off once AIDS became a well known disease name.

  6. I have had those AYDS candies and they were good. I remember actually eating them and seeing a news story about a new cancer called AIDS, and being about 10 or so I did instantly think the disease was connected to the candy! I stopped eating them immediately.

    For the record, I wasn't trying to diet. My mom had a box and I just wanted me some candy!

    We should also note that the woman was happy to be a size 10 again! That's a large size to be promoting weight loss. Now, these diet ads have most people as size six. How sad...

    Also the Slim Suit was made in my home town of Vegas! I knew that place was good for something!

    The Johnson ad still has me laughing!

  7. Oh, these are great!
    Thank you for sharing~
    Have a good night~

  8. Amanda - your comments cracked me up.

    Ms. Bingles Vintage Christmas - you too, and thanks for stopping by!

  9. The Ayds weight loss candy My mom used to buy in in the 60's and 70's, but of course, it's popularity plunged with the advent of the AIDS epidemic, even though both had nothing to do with each other. I remember eating one or two because they tasted like caramel!


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