Three Ads Too Good Not To Share #6

More retro fun from 1971...

1. Hate to say it, lady, but if you're at the point where you're seeing talking cigarettes, then you're smoking something stronger than nicotine. I love that her husband is so nerdy looking and shorter than her; it looks like Artie Johnson and Goldie Hawn got married on Laugh-In.

2. The least convincing ad I've ever seen for birth control. Isn't the whole point of using it NOT to have a baby? "Needs no douche"...except for the one you're planning on having sex with. And what is with the douching obsession of the 70s? I'm saving a whole slew of ads for feminine odor products that I found in just two vintage magazines for a future post. 

3. Coffee and Kent...and dragon breath. A most delightful combination to smell anytime when kissing someone. This guy must have women banging down his door for dates, huh?


  1. 1) agreed; though dancing cigs were popular early ads, too weird.
    2) Why so many smelly sistas? '50s had odor products ads playing on women's insecurities too! Just waiting for better antibiotics and antifungals to arrive?
    3) Couple cheap perfume/after shave, aqua-net, the cig, coffee, and the smell of Jack Daniels in their clothes and hair after a sweaty night at the bar. OMG. Surprisingly they still got dates, reproduced; society did *not* collapse.


  2. If my hubby had a pet name for me like "my pigeon", I'd kick his butt.

  3. I so remember Kent. Blech!

    I love the idea of dancing ciggies. It's so funny when you give human characteristics to something you put in your mouth. Like M&Ms. The whole ad campaign is based on eating something with a personality. Gross. As for cigs, it would probably keep me away from them, so in that respect, it's a good ad! :)

  4. To a sportsman, it's his rod & reel

    To a batter, it's the base he'll steal

    To the voter, it's the Pres-i-dent

    To the smoke, it's a Kent . . .

    Those were the days.
    Rotten product, but some of the most creative ads in history.

    Now if you will excuse me, I have some "feminine issues" to deal with . . .


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