My Retro-Related New Year's Resolutions

Saturday, January 02, 2016
How many of you have quit your New Year's resolutions already? Like most folks, I made my share of serious ones: work out more regularly again, get re-employed, and treat myself well. I know, bor-ing! So why not make some retro-related resolutions? I guarantee not all of these I'm going to be able to keep (some require moolah and others luck) but what the heck; in a perfect world here's what I like to accomplish in 2016, retro style. 

Go Roller Skating

One of my favorite childhood activities was roller skating, and I still miss it. There's an old school roller skating rink about a 40-minute drive from me that has an "adult skate night" on Sunday nights -- so no more excuses; this one has my Meetup group written all over it, although I confess I'm a little nervous about falling. Hopefully roller skating is a lot like riding a bike. If they have a Pac-Man arcade game, all the better.

Get Behind the Wheel of Some Vintage Wheels

Every once in a while, I have a dream that I'm driving a vintage automobile, usually a big-ass '70s model with a throaty V8 engine. I don't know how I would do it, but I'd love for once to make that dream a reality.

Date A Man That Reminds Me of Steve McQueen

Without the drinking, drugging, smoking, and philandering.

Watch All 325 Episodes of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

The complete series was released on a 38-disc set in 2013; I made it up to episode 15 or so when they were on YouTube for a while. I guess I better get started on this one if I want to complete this resolution before 2017.

Perfect the '60s Cat's Eye Look

Practice makes perfect; I'm getting close to getting it down.

Visit a Diner

I love diners, but the last one I went to had terrible food; have you ever tried lemon meringue pie made with canned, fluorescent yellow lemon filling? Well, don't! I went for the 1950s ambiance that time, but my mission for this year will be to try a diner that actually makes good food -- and has tabletop jukeboxes that actually work. Since there are a few in my state, this shouldn't be that hard to accomplish.

Visit The Pan Am Experience

The plane doesn't actually fly, but you get to play Mad Men for a few hours while enjoying an expensive meal and the groovy '60s/'70s ambiance, and that means there's a required dress code. This one's going to require a windfall or serious employment, so it's more of a bucket list item, but ever since this attraction opened last year I knew I would have to check it out for myself one day.

Once and For All, Finally Learn How To Do the Hustle 

Any wedding I'm invited to will never be the same again.

How about you? What retro-related New Year's resolutions are on your list?


  1. Pam, those are what I consider some groovy resolutions. I think I might add some 70s style resolutions of my own: get rid of all the stainless steel appliances in our kitchen and replace them with avocado green, put golden-rod shag carpeting in the living room, and add lava lamps and black posters to my office!

    1. Sounds awesome! That just reminded me, I have a lava lamp tucked away somewhere that I should really plug in again one of these days...

  2. "Date A Man That Reminds Me of Steve McQueen"

    I think that's going to be a tough one.

    That Pan Am Experience looks nice, but from what I've seen on Youtube, it seems to be just a glorified restaurant with semi-bored looking waitresses.


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