Friday, August 20, 2010

Two Forgotten Friday Favorites: The Everly Brothers

The Beatles loved The Everly Brothers - Paul McCartney paid tribute to "Phil and Don" in his 1976 hit "Let 'em In." I consider them to be the biggest and most successful musical duo ever (even though Hall & Oates had slightly more songs in the Top 40.) So today I'm highlighting them for Two Forgotten Friday Favorites. Shame that technically for these posts I can only choose two songs - I love all of their hits, but here are two I haven't heard on the radio in forever. Enjoy!


  1. I like these guys, but have to admit I don't know many of their songs. One of them had a daughter who was married to Axel Rose for a period of time. I believe Sweet Child of Mine is about her and she's in the video. Beautiful girl.

    Yay! Good music to end the week! Thanks!

  2. Ahhh....the great music of yesteryear!

  3. When their records were current, I liked them for the catchy tunes but have continued to find their really close harmonies just SO gorgeous! And you *can* hear intimations of some of the Beatles harmonies in their work. "Til I Kissed You" is probably my favorite of their tunes. Thanks for letting me hear it again!

  4. i love the everly brothers. one of my favs is "bye, bye, love". thanks for sharing.

  5. I still have their greatest hits album and am glad that I didn't get rid of it as I did with many of my records.


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