Lessons in Military Etiquette: Female Captains Dig Miniskirts

Wednesday, July 07, 2010
(Mary marvels at Captain York's lack of cleavage.)

If you love the old Coronet etiquette videos, then you're going to get a kick out of this 1970 time capsule military etiquette clip, which was not produced by Coronet, but apparently by some guy who felt that footage of a girl dancing in various minidresses would drive home the social norm lessons quite nicely....keep in mind this video was aimed at female viewers!

The acting of the long-haired brunette starring in this piece is slightly less convincing than BP CEO Tony Hayward's PR spots. In other words, pretty horrendous. She comes across as so ditsy, it frightens me to think of her getting anywhere near a military weapon (not that women in the military were seeing combat in 1970.)

And who knew that stodgy older female military captains really dig miniskirts and the groovy fashions of the time? Such an image shatterer, that Captain York!

Alas, poor Sandy is not having a swell time of it in this video. Her date is very rude and talking over her when she's trying to order her dinner! To think that she was actually embarrassed by this dolt ruining her whole evening - she needs a serious Gloria Steinem dope slap!

The video's plot really jumps all over the place and the audio is poor quality in many spots - hard to believe it was shown to female military personnel at one time - but sure makes for amusement for a retro themed blog:


  1. My God, that is the funniest thing! Where'd you find this gem?

  2. YouTube...don't remember what keywords it came up for, but if you just put in military etiquette 1970 there's a full 13 minute version of the video.

  3. Thanks for the giggles. :) I love this retro stuff!

  4. This is great. I am an old enough old soldier that I remember many of the uniform regulations being discussed. My favorite had to be that the wearing of a uniform skirt above the knee was authorized if the female soldier "was able to wear it in such a manner." All us old guys scratched our heads over what "was able" really meant.

  5. I'm an old enough old soldier to remember many of these training films and regulations. My favorite uniform regulation was that a female soldier could wear her uniform skirt as much as 4 inches above the knee: "if she were able to". Many of guys would scratch our heads over what it meant to be "able" to wear a mini-skirt.


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