Sexist Children's Book

Monday, July 12, 2010
Well, not really. Or maybe. Depends on your perspective. These images are from a children's book published in 1970 called, "I'm Glad I'm a Boy! I'm Glad I'm a Girl!" by an American satirist/cartoonist named Whitney Darrow. Apparently the book was meant as satire, but that hasn't stopped people from leaving nasty reviews about it on

Technically, I stole these images from My Blagh, so I must give credit to that blogger for scanning and posting the entire book. Whatever you think of it, it's clear we've come a long way in our thoughts about gender roles. I'm glad I'm a girl! 

Aww, I think that closing image is so sweet. 

I also came across a collection of illustrations that Darrow did for a book called "Sex and the Single Child." Way funnier stuff and I plan on posting them soon!


  1. Considering the time it was written I don't find it sexist at all. There are parts where now I'd raise an eyebrow, but at least it says boys are heroes and girls are heroines. It's true!

    I think it's sweet. Thanks for posting!

    PS: I'm glad I'm a girl too!

  2. I think it's cute, too...I was surprised to read some of the reviews on WAS written in 1970, after all.

    The other book, which I will post, is much more interesting. His illustrations have a very Charles Schultz feel to them.

    I did chuckle at the cheerleading picture, though - her skirt is blowing upwards!

  3. Was this book written by a boy or a girl?

  4. A man - Whitney Darrow. He was a cartoonist.

  5. As satire...cute! But, anyone not knowing it *is* satire, should be dismayed! Girls are smart, boys are stupid! Ha-ha...girls know it's satire, boys take it at face value! ...Jude

  6. Oh gosh.. can't wait to see the next one!


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