Dead Wrong

Thursday, October 25, 2007
Do you think that you and Elvis would have been good together in bed? Or that you have some connection to Marilyn Monroe because you share the same birthday? Now you can indulge your fantasies with the Biography Channel’s Dead Celebrity Soulmate search.

But be forewarned: the thing is either broken, or whoever programmed it has a sick sense of humor. I entered my choices (you can select from interests that include poisons and public disturbances) and the celebrity soul mates of my dreams are…Edgar Allen Poe, Henry VIII (what? He doesn’t have the “tall and lanky” body type that I specified) and Vincent Van Gogh. By far three of what I consider to be the most repulsive men in human history. Vincent promises not to "cut anything off" on a first date (but apparently makes no pacts beyond that.) Edgar is clearly still hung up on his dead wife (and cousin) Virginia (he mentions her non-stop throughout his profile...ugh; what a turnoff!) and Henry thinks the perfect first date is a wedding. What, no Caligula?

No daddy-os here. What a huge letdown; turns out dead celebrity matching and the men involved are no better than what you find on I ran screaming from the site but if you're brave enough to "make the first move" with one of your choices, let me know how it goes.

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  1. Hmmm...I came up with Poe, VanGogh, and Ernest Shackleton...who advised that, on our first date, I wear something warm and leave my pets at home! Not surprised with almost matching matches! ...Jude


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