Jimmy Mack, When Are You Coming Back?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
I was watching a clip from a Jimmy Stewart movie on YouTube when I was suddenly reminded of a dumbo piece of advice that Cosmopolitan magazine gave to me about 15 years ago which I never forgot. It was part of their "Why Don't You...?" list: "Date a man who reminds you of Jimmy Stewart (when he was young.)"

Gee, thanks a lot, Helen Gurley Brown. Really? And can any of you at Cosmo tell me where I can find such a man, when you take a break from planning your photo shoots that instruct women how to dress like whores? I've been looking for a guy like Jimmy Stewart. The problem is, outside of film, he doesn't exist! I fear that gentlemen like Jimmy Stewart, as a species, are nearly extinct.

But I won't give up. And it doesn't mean I can't post this nice picture of Jimmy (if LIFE never finds out) and dream. He sure looks cute in his military uniform.

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