Swing Out Sisters

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Puppini Sisters have a new album out! C'mon, you should be as excited as I am because this is the closest thing my generation will ever have to The Andrews Sisters. How they managed to sneak out a CD right under my nose is beyond me, but this one is called The Rise & Fall of Ruby Woo and like the sisters' first release, it features renditions of retro classics as well as more modern tunes. Tracks on The Rise & Fall of Ruby Woo include Spooky, Walk Like an Egyptian, Crazy in Love (yes, Beyonce's song), and Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (of which I am proud to announce I know all of the words to.) Check out their official site for previews of some of these songs. I want to know where the ladies buy or who makes their retro clothing. They've got the whole 1940s pin-up look down pat.

I think I like the track selection on the first album better, especially as it contains a sung version of In the Mood. Also for some reason, the CD is an import and therefore expensive ($38.99) on Amazon.com. The "sisters" are currently on tour; check out their site to see if they're coming to a locale near you.

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