Two Forgotten Friday Favorites: The Bangles

Friday, July 02, 2010
I think The Bangles were my favorite 80s girl group - moreso than The GoGos and Bananarama (though those two are still in my top list.) When my friends were in high school, they visited a "make your own music video" studio at a local beach where you would be filmed lipsynching a song of your choice (and pretending to play instruments) against a background of your choice and each participant was given a VHS copy to take home and enjoy. They did theirs to "Walk Like an Egyptian"...which, along with "Manic Monday" are pretty much the only Bangles songs I hear on the radio these days, if any.

I've always loved "In Your Room" and "Eternal Flame"...I'd guess the latter was the couple's first dance song at many a wedding in the late 80s. Suzanna Hoffs has such a beautiful, sweetly innocent sounding voice. And this 80s! I love it.

I do plan on working on getting another post up over the weekend, but just in case I don't (as the weather my way is supposed to be stellar), I wish all of you guys and gals a groovy and swell (and safe) Fourth of July holiday weekend!


  1. I like the Bangles too. I wish that I hadn't gotten rid of their greatest hits tape. I was never into the other 2 girl groups of the time. And Eternal Flame and In Your Room are definitely my favourites also. Thanks for posting the video. I never really watched videos - too busy reading and studying back then - so this is the first time that I have seen this. Have a great holiday weekend.

  2. Eternal Flame is one of my favorites - and Walk Like an Egyptian gets me moving!!!

  3. My introduction to the Bangles...when I went to the store with my little girl friend as a young lad, and she bought this:

    A Pocket Rocker with the little tape of "Walk Like An Egyptian" on one side, and "Manic Monday" on the other. Love at first listen.

  4. Wow - I had totally forgotten about this song until I clicked the link and watched the video. Thanks!!! I loved the Bangles!

  5. The other forgotten classic of theirs that I love is "My Side of the Bed." I almost chose that one for today. Glad everyone loves The Bangles.

  6. I LOVE this band! I have their first EP, before Michael Steele joined, but I think All Over the Place is their masterpiece (that's the first full length record with Michael). Michael was my idol. All of the girls were gorgeous, but she was so powerful with that big ol' bass!

    I think The Go-Go's might be higher on my list, but just barely. These girls were incredible.

    Have a great 4th! :)

  7. I had gotten my hands on their first album, the one before they became popular. The songs were really reminiscent of the Beatles and the vocal harmonies of surfer bands.


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