Beefcake! Sexy Advertising Studs of the 70s

Sunday, January 24, 2010
Ladies, I'm sure for a while now you've been wondering, "Gosh, when is Go Retro going to show a collection of 70s advertising hunks?" Well, I have good news for you - today is your lucky day! For the past few weeks I've been saving these sexy specimens here and there just so I could post them all at once for your viewing pleasure. Be prepared to see more chest hair, mustaches, and tight clothing than you can possibly handle - come and get it, girls!

First up is this fine specimen of a man. According to the ad, this gentleman's name is Douglas Bell and just when you think things couldn't get better than that 'stache, the copy tells us that he's a movie stunt man. When I first saw this ad, I immediately thought of Michael Imperioli's character Ray Carling and his awesome facial hair on the now-defunct TV series "Life on Mars":

The blonde with Douglas sure seems to be having a great time at his expense, isn't she? Seems to me she isn't laughing with Douglas, but rather at him. Guess it would be hard to keep a straight face during that photo shoot!

Douglas Bell also has the prestige distinction of being chosen as the cover model for a book that came out a few years ago highlighting 70s advertising models, "Hello Girls!" (which I swear I did not learn about until after I came up with the idea for this post.)

This guy wants to be Douglas Bell, but alas, I think the beard is getting in the way. The copy says he's a "walking turn-on." Easy piece indeed!

For those women who can't get enough of the John Travolta/Saturday Night Fever look...'cause too much is never enough:

This one's just for the ladies who likes her man flexible. Note the strategically planed hands...I mean, he had to protect us from getting too hot and bothered!

I'm too sexy for my I just went without it:

No kidding, GEE. This headline is damn straight!

One, two, three, HEY! Look at Mr. Lean! Good gravy, could this guy be any skinnier? Or maybe the psychedelic printed briefs are playing tricks with my eyes.

Either Tony Orlando did some modeling, or the drug lord look was in fashion that year:

Nights in...peach satin. Never reaching the end. The morning can't come fast enough when your man comes to bed wearing this ensemble:

Mmmmmm....mama loves me some mesh underpants.

Get down and dirty on the Love Rug with...William Katt of The Greatest American Hero (well, that's who he reminds me of.)

Are you ready for your cold shower now?


  1. I used that jumpsuit ad on my blog - but you found some equally "thoughtful" ads...while the 70s had "real men", these are just sad, sad examples!! Nice underroo's Bob!

  2. Wow. These men are some hairy beasts. You can almost smell the testosterone reading this post.

  3. one easy piece?
    the love rug?

    gotta love a man w/a moustache...

    love this man meat!

  4. They had a very different definition of "awesome" in the 70s, didn't they?

  5. ICK!!! That is the only word I can think of to describe those ads....pretzel man, the love rug, leisure suits...where does it all end? Hairy chests are one thing...hairy bellies....double ICK!!!!

  6. GAwd I love this. I have been looking through some 70's magazines and it is just amazing. That is all I can say about these men. Amazing. Did women really think they were all that. Gosh, I was in my late teens in the 70's and my soon to be husband who is now an ex had "mesh briefs" Woop!?????

  7. I think the Love Rug guy is a very young Randy West, porn star


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