Help! I Hate Google

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I must interrupt the retro posts with this important message because I need my fellow bloggers' help. Google AdSense seems to have stripped me of my earnings since I started running ads back in August, and they've also stopped tracking my blog on Analytics a few days ago. I've received no notification from them indicating why (they have not, however, stopped running ads on my site.) When I sent them an email (which I had to find by doing a search, since there's no contact info on the Google AdSense site) I received an automatically generated message back with troubleshooting tips. So apparently there's no way to contact Google about advertising and they don't have a customer support line. Lovely. The biggest company on the planet has no customer service department.

Just wondering if any other bloggers out there have had this problem, or any luck contacting Google. Seems like my best and only option is to just pull their code off GoRetro and see if there's an ad network out there that caters to just bloggers. Or if anyone else can recommend a good advertising program for my blog, please let me know. BlogHer was supposed to have a network but right now they just have a waiting list.

I'm pissed. I had only made $53 from advertising since I started running their ads last year and they owe me that money.


  1. Google has never placed ads on my blog even though I signed up two years ago. I can't figure it out either. Sorry you're having trouble, but I'm sure you aren't the first!!

  2. This sounds like a nightmare.....May I suggest you join (I am the editor) and post this dilemma on our main will get plenty of input... come visit my blog, KitschnStuff Dianne

  3. Oh dear, that sounds like a big headache.

    I remember emailling the Google Analytics in summer of last year. I can't remember why now, but there was definitely an email address to contact. I guess it's gone now, though. :(

  4. Well I did find out from posting on a Google forum that when you change your blog's template, you have to copy and paste the code again for Analytics. SO I did that (kind of a headache to even find the code) and fingers crossed that it's back up and tracking my site tomorrow.

    As far as AdSense goes, a lot of people are showing a hyphen in the place of where their earnings used to be, so Google must have a bug at the moment. I removed my ads then put them back up again...let's hope that gets back on track as well.

  5. You're lucky you got anything from it, I added the google ads to all 3 of my blogs about 6 months ago and never received anything.


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